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{Download Spoken Word} Zoe Ziva_ Relationships

Published by on February 16th, 2021.

You see, many relationships today, has been turned into cocaine
Where addiction have become a thing that is been adapted into a being, all in the name of  “I don’t wanna be without her,” “I don’t wanna be without him” mot realizing that the same way marriage is a gift, 1 Corinthians 7 so singleness is.

Many men today have turned around chasing wealth, forgetting the principle “Seek ye first”
Many women today have seemed not to realize that they were designed to be help meets meaning to help him meet his goal achieve his dream fufillingGod’s will so, they go about saying yes to just anyone thier way, thinking God designed that way, not realizing that they are a price for one, to be fought for and won,
And not just to won by anyone but the one that God says “Yours, Go”
A woman does not have the permission to give herself out, a woman is meant to be given out.

You see many men today have turned into public donors, where they slip their seeds into any soil available not realizing that the life in the seed is not the Lord’s, and the only soil acceptable is the one cultivated by the Lord, and given in the confinement and commitment of marriage.

You see today, many are more interested in receiving the world’s applaud rather than pleasing the Lord.

You see today, has to be taught today so it does’nt make   yesterday’s mistakes.
And because the limitation of man is as a result of the information he’s received… Relax and let me tell you who you are.

First Class.
God said
Let us make man in our own image having our own likeness and nature, meaning lets make man in our own class-
God class which makes you “First Class”

John 3:16
You were purchased by His very blood.
Even while we were yet sinners, He loved us with an everlasting love, How much more now that we are being called sons?

We have been made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus…

For as He is, so are we in this world

You see when God made you, He made you whole, with the finest and priceless materials
You cannot be cloned

He made you unique that you do not share a finger print, and need you need no Gucci feel big cos you already have grace on fleek.
You’re sleek
Your smile… so bright that even the rainbow gives the sun a wink!

You see, I can only imagine what it could have looked like if God was on earth when He made man.
He could have maybe crossed His legs, took a sip of coffee and say ; boy! This is good..

No no literally, that was His reaction when He did a cross examination of Us His creation

So look into into the mirror. That image you see is a perfect creation of the perfect Creator

You are the love child of a love God so nothing can take you away from Him.
Be it sin,
He said Sin shall no longer have Dominion over you,
Be it penury,
He said He said He has given u all things that pertains to life and life to enjoy
He said by His stripes you are already healed
Be it death,
He said with long life He has satisfied thee
You come boldly to the throne of grace that you may obtain,

This is the reason why you need no man or woman to complete you because you are already complete In Christ.

And if people wants to remind you of your biological clock; remind them of who the clock is subject to.
For He’s got time in His hands, and He’s got you in His hands, and He makes everything beautiful in His time

And should He need to make a person that has never existed before and throw him into a family so he’s not being called an allien, just so His daughter can have a partner, He can do that for a woman and He can do the same for the man too.

So daughters of zion! I charge you by The Lord that you do not stir up, awaken or arouse love until it’s appointed time

For they that wait upon the Lord, they shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall walk and not be weary, they shall run and not faint.


So I leave you on this final note
Let no man despise your youth, but be an example to other believers
In love,in character, in faith, in integrity.
Brother’s and sister’s in purity.

And just in case another voice rises up telling you otherwise.

Be guilty of this murder;

Kill it!




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      - 7:26 pm

      This is beyond the mind.

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